Bail bonds are a kind of security offered by accused persons to the court of law for their release from custody before the hearing or trial starts. The accused person has to furnish some kind of a guarantee to the judge. It is an explicit understanding between the court of law and the accused that the accused is let go from the custody for the time being. In return, the accused has to show a guarantee in the form of a surety of money or property or something of tangible value. However, the bail bond you may revoke if the accused person does not abide by the terms of the bail bond. In case the person does not respond to the court of law and does not appear in subsequent hearings, the bail bond you may revoke and all the money or property associated with it may be forfeited.  It does make sense to avail the services of Dauphin County bail bondsman


This is a kind of guarantee furnished by a second person in favor of the accuse. It is usually a form of cash or property bond that the person has to post to get the accused released on bail. However, anybody willing to offer a surety in favor of a person must know that in case the accused is not able to appear in the hearings or does not comply with the requirements of the bond the property or cash secure by the law will be forfeited. You will lose the whole bail amount or any property that you may have posted as bail amount. So you need to be pretty sure that the accused person will observe the terms of the bail bond in letter and spirit and will appear in every hearing.

You may need to post a Corporate Surety Bond too. These bail bonds are secure by Bail bondsmen. Dauphin County Bail Bondsman is a well-known bondsman. They are acquainted with the whole host of the bail posting process. They can summarize the process to you from start to finish. In fact because of these people securing bail bonds has become easier. In case of a corporate bail bond, the defendant or his Surety needs to pay 10% of the bail amount. You need to pay this to the bondsman. However, the Defendant or the person arranging for his Surety must have the financial means to pay the remainder of the bond money in case the bail is revoked or the accused person does not abide by the conditions of bail. The difference between corporate bail bond and all other bail bonds is that in the former the defendant does get back the amount deposited to secure the bond, i.e. 10% of total amount of bond. This amount, i.e. 10% of the total bail amount becomes the property of the particular bail bondsman. This you have to return to the defendant. However, securing a corporate bail is also more complex. This is why you need bail bondsmen like Dauphin County Bail Bondsman.

Once a bail condition is met, the bail is released. However, this is not automatic. The Defendant, the Surety or the Defendant’s lawyer have to file a motion to recover the property or cash.