Oriental rugs have been in operation for a considerable period of time. They are known for their superior design and do go on to add an element of elegance to each room. Not only they do go on to create a warm atmosphere at your premises but they are a great investment. To protect that investment availing the services of professional oriental rugs San Antonio companies are a definite must. But before you do go on to hire them there are certain tips that you might have to follow. This would ensure that you are able to protect the value of the rug considerably.

The below tips would help in the protection of oriental rugs


This would be important as it goes on to extend the life of the Oriental rug. It does cushion the impact from the hard floor surfaces along with the shoe soles. It discourages uneven wear and tears whereby prevents the rug from moving out of place.


With oriental rugs, you might have to rotate them so that the impact of the sun effect reduces. To minimize UV damage to your rug window coverings are important.


You need to protect the oriental rugs from humidity as the threads will rot and the fibres would be prone to considerable damage.

Airing and then beating

On a sunny day, you might have to air the Oriental rug once a week. You can lay them on a ground or hang them on a line. For a few hours, this can be undertaken with sharp threads. It does provide a good time in order to inspect the condition of the rug and with a good rug, beater does beat it a couple of times. This does appear one of the best methods to clean the rug as the dirt particles tend to loosen from the centre.

Vacuuming and then sweeping

You can vacuum the rug against the nap and these you can figure from running the hand form a fringe to fringe. If you sweep the rug once in a week all the dirt you might be able to remove from it.


You have to clean it but it depends upon the traffic. There are going to be cases where you might not even need professional cleaning for weeks or months at a stretch. You should not use any chemical products as it would tamper with the natural oils that would be part of the wool. Just you might need surface cleaning


If you witness any major damage it would be better to avail the services of an experienced professional. They are going to repair the damage in the shortest time frame possible. If the bindings are prone to any damage you might have to replace them as well.


Protection from moth damage works out to be really important for an oriental rug.

If you follow the above tips you can protect your oriental rug for a long time.